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Portable Tea Infuser

Portable Tea Infuser

Portable Tea Infuser

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Portable tea infuser made of high-quality stainless steel. Just add your herbal blend into the filter, then put it in a cup with hot water to make tea. The hook design allows it to hang on the edge of the cup to easily and conveniently take out after steeping.


- Color: Silver
- Material: Stainless Steel.
- Size: About 2 x 2 x 14.1 cm.
- Made of premium stainless steel, safe to use, highly durable and rust-proof.
- Tiny, fine slots keep the tea leaves in the infuser from flowing into mugs.


I absolutely love Passion! It really helps me stay focused when I have a lot to get done.


I'd definitely give Essence 5 stars.. The blend is smooth and definitely calmed by nerves and put me into a better mood, after a long day. The flavor poppped more than I expected. Definitely gonna buy it again when in stock!


Illuminature Essence is a good de-stresser in the middle of the day and a good relaxer right before bed